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Family Vacation Ideas

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Travel Tips

  • No passports needed!The buildings of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico [Click to enlarge]

  • Bring lots of sunblock, especially in the summer. It gets hot as soon as the sun comes up, and stays hot into the evening. The nights are very pleasant.

  • Although most people speak English, it's always helpful to learn a bit of the native language. Check out our FREE online Spanish lessons for help with the basics!

    Sunrise on the beach in Puerto Rico [Click to enlarge]

  • Speed limits are in MPH, but exits are numbered in kilometers. This means that if an exit is two exits (kilometers) away, it's only about a mile and will come up quicker than you'd expect! (This caused us to miss an exit on the way back to our hotel which took us on a scenic tour of Dorado's back roads!)

  • Although many billboards are bilingual, the road signs are in Spanish. Here are a few basics:

    North = Norte
    South = Sur
    East = Este
    West = Oeste
    Exit = Salida

Embassy Suites Dorado, Puerto Rico [Click to enlarge] A gecko at the Embassy Suites Dorado, Puerto Rico [Click to enlarge]

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